Surge protectors protect your appliances and electrical system against transient overvoltage.

What is meant by transient voltage?

A transient voltage is a temporary unwanted voltage in an electrical circuit that range from a few volts to several thousand volts and last micro seconds up to a few milliseconds.

What is the difference between a surge and a transient?

In general a surge is a transient wave of current, voltage or power in an electric circuit. In power systems in particular – and this is likely the most common context that we relate surges to – a surge, or transient, is a subcycle overvoltage with a duration of less than a half-cycle of the normal voltage waveform.


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APC Backup UPS 1200VA 650W 120V AVR USB Charging

Original price was: $215.00.Current price is: $180.00. USD
TT$ 1247.40

APC Backup UPS 700VA 360W 120V AVR

$109.60 USD
TT$ 759.53

APC Backup UPS 900VA 480W 120V AVR

$144.30 USD
TT$ 1000.00

APC Essential Surge Arrest, 6 Outlets

$17.90 USD
TT$ 124.05

APC Essential SurgeArrest 6 Outlet Wall Mount, 120V

Original price was: $17.60.Current price is: $16.60. USD
TT$ 115.04

APC Performance SurgeArrest 11 Outlet with Phone (Splitter) and Coax Protection, 120V

Original price was: $70.41.Current price is: $65.80. USD
TT$ 455.99

Stanley 2PK Surgemax 245J White 6 Outlets

$23.00 USD
TT$ 159.39

Stanley 3PC SURGEMAX Value Pack

$28.40 USD
TT$ 196.81

Stanley Stanley 3PC POWERMAX Value Pack

$19.00 USD
TT$ 131.67