Governance Week 2022

Solar for today and tomorrow

Saving Money When Electric Costs Go Up

Gonzales: Legislation coming to enable solar-powered homes

Budget 2020: Taxes removed on solar heaters, LED bulbs

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fiscal Incentives

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) for the conduct of energy audits can be expected to play an increasingly important role, and T&T will be seeking to build local capacity in the conduct of energy audits and other energy services. Incentives currently being offered to encourage the conduct of energy audits in Trinidad and Tobago are as follows:

A Unique Approach for Sustainable Energy in Trinidad and Tobago

It is widely accepted that EE is one of the least-cost ways of satisfying growing demand for energy services. No comprehensive study has previously been made of the EE potential in Trinidad and Tobago, but our review indicates a unique case in the Caribbean: very low retail
energy prices; a per-capita energy consumption exceeding North American and most European levels; and a low appetite for EE technologies and practices across the board.

12 sites identified in Trinidad and Tobago for GCCA+ Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations

Trinidad and Tobago’s transition to renewable energy was given a boost today with the announcement of the 12 finalist sites chosen to receive installations of small-scale roof-mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, capable of supplying energy for power generation

Easy ways to stop wasting energy

Today’s Wastage is Tomorrow’s shortage. This slogan is very applicable  to our current situation in T&T.