135W Portable Solar Charging Kit

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Samlex Portable MSK Charging Kits are easy to use! Just unfold, plug in and start charging. Capture the power of the sun without complicated installations, brackets or electrical diagrams. Each Kit comes with a convenient insulated carrying case that also protects the panels when stored.

Your Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 45W Solar Modules for charging 12V Lead Acid Batteries
  • 10 Amp Charge Controller
  • Includes a 2-pin bullet adapter for use in solar ready RV’s
  • Protective carrying case
  • (Battery Not Included)

10 Years Warranty on Solar Panels.

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  • Camping Sites
  • Huts / Gazebos / Tents
  • Off-grid/mobile solar systems
  • Power supply for remote equipment
  • Rural electrification
  • Small home power systems – lights, appliances, gates, alarms
  • 12V Lead Acid battery charging system
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Water pumping systems
  • Other industrial and consumer applications

Additional information

Weight 16.16 kg
Dimensions 1515 × 620 × 30 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Solar panel is pre-wired with battery clamps for a quick and easy connection, 16’ cable
  • Turn the panel a few times per day and increase charging by 30%
  • Adjustable legs allow for maximum sun exposure
  • Folding crystalline panels in anodized aluminum frames, won’t rust
  • Built-in 10 Amp Charge Controller manages the charge to the battery and prevents overcharging
  • For 12V Lead Acid Batteries
  • Includes protective carrying case
  • NOTE: Battery is not included


Watts 135 Watt Solar Module for 12V Lead Acid Batteries
Amps 10 Amps
Weight 35.6 (lbs)
Weight 16.18 (kgs)
Dimensions 59.65 x 24.41 x 1.18 (in) Open
Dimensions 1515 x 620 x 30 (mm) Open
Warranty 10 Year Power Warranty on Solar Panels (Canada/US)

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