Superior Quality & Service Features

  1. Designed for safe use, each collector is covered with Safety Tempered Glass.
  2. All aluminum cabinetry ensures the longest life in all weather conditions.
  3. Magnesium Anode provides cathodic protection to extend the life of the Solar Dynamics storage tank.
  4. 100% Polyurethane Insulation retains the maximum heat of the stored hot water for later use.
  5. The highest performance: 863.5 Btu per sq ft of collector
  6. The lowest heat loss: 3.2 Btu per hour
  7. Full fusion bonded /Mechanical bond
  8. Temperature Guarantee: Selective surface collector coating ensures the maximum heat absorption while reducing emission. The result is the delivery of the promised temperature by Solar Dynamics.
  9. Performance Guarantee: 5 year Pro-rated Guarantee: service at discounts ranging from 100% in year 1; 80% in year 2; 60% in year 3; 40% in year 4; and 20% in Year 5.