PV Applications

 Powering of Residential, Commercial and Government Buildings

Almost all backup to electricity from the grid is diesel generators. A hybrid solution of both wind and solar will supplement or replace the requirement of the grid supply. This configuration maximizes energy reliability while minimizing the cost of diesel generation and maintenance.

 Powering of Rural Communities

Some small villages and rural towns have either a very poor supply or no electricity infrastructure at all due to inadequate distribution or generation. Energy concentration centers can be installed, these centers would feature wind and solar generated power directed at a central facility in the villages. This will now facilitate increased points for commerce, and for social and educational activities.

Powering of Urban Development

The flexibility and scalability of wind and solar allows us to pre-configure and install complete power solutions as precursors for new housing and industrial development. Under this scenario, the government includes the cost of wind and solar energy in the overall price of new estates as it offers this to new developers. This configuration represents a complete power solution with wind turbine and solar electricity generation, short term battery backup, and diesel generation as a backup.

Powering of Manufacturing Plants

One of the highest operational costs for a manufacturing plant is the electricity bill. This cost could now be significantly reduced or eliminated with the use of solar and wind power generation.  One of the advantages of this approach is that there will be no power outages.

Powering of Farms

Farms generally use a lot of electricity, of which, the biggest users are lights, heat and motors.  In areas where these farms are in remote locations and utility infrastructure is not available, the critical operations are powered by generators which are costly to maintain. Generators also serve as a backup to the power from the grid. As such, some farms have to change their operations to not include or limit the use of electricity in their operations. Of course this impacts how the farm is managed and the cost efficiency of so doing. Now with the solar and hybrid solutions being available, this can now change the operational and cost efficiencies of these farms.

Power for Wireless and Security Applications

Many businesses have remote sites that they would like to secure and / or to communicate with, however, they may not have grid power or the cost to get grid power is exorbitant to power these systems.  For instance, the installation cost for the lighting and the security for the perimeter of a large compound could out-weigh the advantages to be gained.

Communication Station Power Supply

Most of these communication stations are in remote locations in great heights about sea level. In most of these locations the infrastructures require to deliver power is very high and at times the power consumption is also high especial for the radios and TVs broadcasting companies.

Mobile Power Solution

There is a wide range of mobile solution that would require power and is not easy to obtain. The solutions range from the vehicle driving around town with a display screen, to the mom and pop in the corner to a street to the literal mobile power station for vehicles.

Marine Power

Renewable solutions is also available for the powering of marine vessels and operations.

marine solar panels