Surrette / Rolls S550 428AH 6VDC Flooded Battery

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The Rolls Surrette S550 (S-550) deep cycle batteries feature a high cycle life with thick, positive battery plates and a large liquid reserve. With a higher total capacity than the S480, Rolls Surrette takes the L-16 size battery to even higher levels by improving the overall capacity and service life.

Heavier than the L-16H type, the model S550 (S-550) is a six volt battery with a capacity of 554 amp Hrs. @100 Hr. rate. The model S550 (S-550) is also unsurpassed in reliability. Connections are easy due to the thick lead alloy flag terminals for 5/16 in. bolts. The battery is packaged in a light weight structural molded container with lifting rope handles.

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Features & Attributes

  1. Deep cycle
  2. Flooded lead-acid
  3. 6-volts
  4. Reliable and dependable
  5. Dual container construction for a stronger shell
  6. 428 amp hour capacity @ 20 hr. discharge rate
  7. Rope handles
  8. The warranty for the Rolls S-550 (S550) battery is seven (7) years. The first 24 months are full replacement. The next 60 months are prorated.
  9. For a single string 554 AH battery bank, you will need 2 of the S-550 (S550) for a 12 volt system, 4 of the S-550 (S550) for a 24 volt system and 8 of the S-550 (S550) for a 48 volt system.
  10. Each additional string will multiply the AH capacity.

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 318 x 183 x 425.5 mm

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