Sunlite Colored Stained Glass Decorative Night Light – Bird

TT$ 20.44

Transform any room’s evening atmosphere with one of Sunlight Lighting’s decorative night lights featuring a friendly but subtle design. The projected light provides a tranquil glow for any child or adult’s nightly bathroom visits, or just to add a layer of comfort to any darkened room. Ideal for all ages, and is hazardous material free while also being UL listed to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.


Product Features

  • UL listed night light ideal to help children feel comfortable in any room or hallway
  • Modestly designed night light produced to fade into any room’s décor
  • Highly portable night light ready for any pathway, hallway, and room
  • Subtly illuminate any area in a room without disrupting anyone’s sleep
  • Low energy consumption

Additional information

Dimensions 99.06 × 43.18 × 180.34 mm

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