48″ LED HighLiner 2 (24VDC) – 5000K Cool White – 1792 Lumens – 17W

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TT$ 1295.91

HighLINER 2 is designed to replace fluorescent in applications such as stock rooms and inside coolers (refrigerators). HighLINER 2 is easy to install and is a simple solution to save energy and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

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  • Improves walkway and aisle visibility
  • Mounts easily to interior surfaces
  • Saves up to 64% energy compared with typical fluorescent fixtures
Co-extruded housing
Eliminates sealing surfaces by using two materials which are formed together—an opaque white for the back and a diffused lens material in the front.
Wire channel
Powers lights by running a header wire above the housing to connect multiple HighLINERs while hiding the power source.
Wire cover
Snaps onto the ends of HighLINER 2 to cover wire connections and/or bridge distances between lights.

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Weight .48 kg
Dimensions 1160 × 60 × 28 mm

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